Happy Wednesday ladies! Today, we are going to take about some trends that will be extremely popular this year. 

1. Floral Walls: We love how florals are not for centerpieces anymore. Floral arrangements are being place in a variety of unique places like hanging chandeliers and even backdrops! 


2. Ballerina Buns: High buns are becoming extremely trendy this wedding season. We love the chic look that keeps hair out of the brides face! 


3. Social Media: We all know creating a hashtag for the wedding is a must; and this year we predict guests will even begin using SnapChat and Periscope to capture the day!  


4. Pairings: A variety of brides are starting to pair their appetizers like hot dogs and beer or patron with tacos! We love this idea and it looks pretty great too! 


5. Greens: Eucalyptus is the perfect greenery that fills any bouquet beatifully with an extremely bohemian feel.



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