Wedding Survival Kit.

On any special event, things can go south so we have come up with some must have items to have on hand. It’s important to have a wedding emergency kit for those “just incase” emergencies.


must-haves for your wedding day survival kit:

  1. Water. hydration is key.

  2. Breath Mints. To keep your kiss minty fresh!

  3. Vitamin C Packets. To keep your health in check!

  4. Static Guard. For fly aways or to help remove static from your dress!

  5. Mini Sewing Kit. Well, you never know if you may have a loose button.

  6. Safety Pins. Must have!

  7. Stain Remover Wipes. These items are miracle workers!

  8. Healthy Snacks. We’ve seen many brides who go the whole day without eating so these bars are great to keep your blood sugar in check.

  9. Lavendar Essential Oil. These oils are great to keep you calm!

  10. Drinking Straws. To avoid staining your teeth.

  11. Lint Roller. Obvious!

  12. Antacid Tablets. You never know if your stomach may act up so it’s a good way to keep it in check!

  13. Hairspray. For last minute touchups.

  14. Antibacterial Gel. Great way to keep your hands clean and you can avoid the bathroom.

  15. Body lotion. For those dry elbows!

  16. Pain reliever. Another no brainer.

  17. Deodorant. To keep you smelling fresh all day!

  18. Tissues. To keep those eyes as dry as possible!

  19. Bobby Pins. Fly aways.

  20. Clear Nail Polish. If your nail chips.

  21. Band Aids. One word: Blisters.

  22. Lip Balm. To keep your pout soft and kissable!

*Image from Pinterest

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8 Bridal Lengha Colors That Will Be Big This Year!

We love when a bride goes outside the box especially with their lengha colors.

We’ve always seen royal reds, classy golds, and pearly whites. However, this year is all about experimenting with explosive colors. Here are the top colors we expect that will be huge this year!

  1. Lavender

Image courtesy: Snapsoul

Image courtesy: Snapsoul

2. Dull Pink

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi

3. Sage Green

Image courtesy: George Seemon

Image courtesy: George Seemon

4. Light Blue


5. White

Image courtesy: Photozaapki

Image courtesy: Photozaapki

6. Rose Gold

Image courtesy:  Gautam Khullar Photography

7. Orange

Image courtesy: The Lightsmiths

Image courtesy: The Lightsmiths

8. Ultra Violet

Image courtesy: IntoCandid

Image courtesy: IntoCandid

Post inspired by UrbanClap

Finally, the Pantone color of 2019 is Living Coral so we can expect to see a lot of coral lengha’s this year!

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These Are The Biggest Wedding Trends!


If you are a big lover of the 70s then you can celebrate because rust is going to be huge this year. It’s not quite burgundy or orange , but more retro. Big statements can be made with suits, bridesmaids dresses, or making it be the pop color in a bouquet.

photo by  Dawn Charles

photo by Dawn Charles


It’s all about big floral design. From giant hanging installations to floor-to-ceiling floral walls, The bigger the better is what this year is all about.


This is one of our favorite trends for this year! It’s the easiest way to have something unique as a venue and could even be on the off beaten path. Rental properties listed on AirbnbVRBO, and HomeAway can be a great hack for finding a unique wedding venue that fits your vibe,

photos by  Jonnie + Garrett

photos by Jonnie + Garrett


Not only is Morocco a popular 2019 wedding and honeymoon destination, but couples are getting inspired by the cultural influences.

photos by  Tali Photography ,

photos by Tali Photography,

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Our Latest Bride Testimonial!


Sejal and the rest of the lovely team at The One Event did an amazing job coordinating our wedding weekend. It's no surprise that weddings are giant undertaking, and from the moment we hired her, we felt at ease knowing there was someone as experienced as her in our corner. From six weeks out she helped us create a fantastic timeline, organize lists, and square away important details we might have otherwise forgotten.

Sejal had worked with most of our vendors previously, and her relationships with them made it even easier to make all the finer details come together for our event. Even the vendors she had not had previous experience with spoke highly of their experience in working with her.

During the events, the team made sure that my (now) husband and I were never without a plate of food, a glass of water, or our drink of choice. The attention to detail to our needs was spectacular. They kept everything running on time, and even helped us handle a few unexpected hiccups along the way. Their calm attitudes and the ease with which they ran the event helped us to just sit back and enjoy what we had worked so hard to create.

If you've made it this far in the review, you likely have a Type A personality (as I do). For even the most organized, Type A people, wedding planning can be a daunting task. Their experience and knowledge of wedding planning/coordinating cannot be easily measured, but take our word for it - Sejal and her team are definitely worth hiring.


Darshan and Puja 

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