We have seen a lot of the standard wedding guestbooks in our events. Remember, most guests have written something thoughtful in your wedding card so it can be challenging to write another note! We have found another alternative for your guests. We are going to share a variety of different guestbooks you can give your guests.  

1. The Picnic Table 

We love this idea of having guests leaving their mark on something the couple can enjoy everyday! All you have to do is leave paint, pens, and brushes for your guests to sign this table! We suggest you to use a chalkboard to provide instructions and it can even be centerpiece in your wedding. 

2. Dictionary 

We love this idea of leaving a dictionary for guests to circle a word guests feel described the couple, and sign their name next to the word. 

3. Map

If you are having a destination wedding then this unique guestbook is for you! We recommend you to have your guests sign where they are from or a place that holds meaning for them. We love this map because it's made from a cloth so you can hang it. Also, you can get a paper one and then frame it!

4. Vintage Typewriter 

This is one of our favorites! Let your guests leave a note for you and we love the vintage feel it gives. Then you can create a novel with all of the notes and leave it on your coffee table for people to read!

5. Photo Album

Whether it's a selfie or a candid picture, we love the idea of guests taking images of themselves for the couple. Provide cameras for your guests to photography and you can have a album your guests essentially created! 

Images: Brides.com 





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