We will always say a traditional wedding cake will never go out of style. However, don't settle for something that is so classic if it's not unique to your style.  Remember, you customized every aspect of your wedding day from decor to your wedding dress. Therefore, don't leave your cake in the dust!

If you are not a big lover of the big white cake or can't really decide on a specific dessert for your wedding guests then this is a great way to go outside the box! Try to get a dessert that describes you and your fiancĂ©.  

We've seen a lot of brides make wedding cakes based on items they eat daily like donuts or brownies. Stack a variety of flavors so everyone can pick and choose from your favorite flavors. We've even seen a couple make a Oreo cake! 

Not to mention, it's one of the easiest way to save some big bucks! This will remove that classic cake cutting cost and it will there will be less wastage. Click here to read more ways you can save on your wedding. 

Here are some of our favorite alternative wedding cakes:

All images credited from our  Pinterest  account. 

All images credited from our Pinterest account. 


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