We are excited to share another amazing vendor feature! Today, we got to chat with Jennifer Yarbrough Photography. She recently shot our latest wedding in Dallas and we cannot get enough of her images! We love her images so we decided to ask her secrets!

1. What is your advice to your brides on how to take portraits?

It is important to leave all insecurities at the door. If you are stressed or worried about something not looking right in the photo, you might be inclined to hide that feature but at the same time enhance something else in the photo you wouldn't have wanted enhanced. It's best to tell your photographer if you have any areas of concern so they can work around it. Your photographer will guide you through the poses that works best for your body type. Another little thing to do in advance is practice your smile and not smiling face in the mirror the night before, it's good to smile with your eyes even when your not smiling which may take some practice.


2. How do you keep your brides relaxed?

If the photographer and the brides attendants are calm then in most cases the bride will be relaxed. It's important to have a good group of people around you at your portrait session. You don't want to bring someone that will make you feel stressed out but rather offer support. Too many people can also add tension it's best to have no more than three attendants. If you still don't feel relaxed a little glass of champagne always does the trick!


3. Do you recommend a certain time that these images should be taken? It would be good to note this for our brides. 

Most bridals take place 1-2 months before the wedding. The actual date is usually dependent on when the final dress fitting it done. There is a best time in the day to shoot, either first thing in the morning when the sun is coming up or the last 2 hours in the day at sunset. These are both great times because the sunlight is wrapping around the Earth and creating a softer more flattering glow. Most people shoot closer to sunset since it would be harder to get hair and makeup done before the sun comes up. If you live in Texas and want to shoot your bridals outside in July or August I highly suggest sunrise to avoid the heat. 

4. Where's your favorite place to shoot in Dallas? 

There are so many great locations in Dallas we really try to customize each location based on the bride. I like to find out what style the bride is driven more towards so if she likes a vintage look I would suggest the Aldredge House or Arlington Hall. If she prefers a more European style garden I would suggest the Dallas Arboretum on the flip side a lush greenery garden would be Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. When a bride is looking for a glam look a hotel is almost always the best place. 

The Joule Hotel is another favorite, of course!

5. Over the years you've been shooting, what advice do you have for any bride and groom? 

Have fun with it! Having your picture taken is suppose to be fun not like going to the dentist. Trust your professional to know they will capture you in the best light. If you don't look good we don't look good.


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