We know along the way registries can become a really daunting task and truly a hassle. But we have found a new way to register- receive a package. Now you must be thinking a package? What does that mean? We are starting to see couples create funds guests can donate to. Whether it's their mortgage, new car, or even honeymoon!  

While it's something unconventional, we've seen many couples feel less stressed and enjoy this form of a gift! How great would it be to have your honeymoon paid for? Or help a down payment on a home? Guest's will feel like they are giving you something you truly want! Even if you may not take a honeymoon right away or going at all, you can still registry for something you want. 

We've seen even couples add some gift cards for airlines or hotels in their registry. And just like any registry, your honeymoon one should be personal.

The Newlywed Fund

Have your (wedding) cake and eat it too with cash wedding funds . Think honeymoon registry , first home or date nights. You do you — the options for your cash wedding registry are endless.

One Registry to Share, Track and Manage

With The Knot All-In-One Wedding Registry, your Newlywed Fund cash registry and classic gifts come together in one list so it's easy for guests to choose what they’d like to gift.

Traveler's Joy

Traveler's Joy allows couples to arrange their travel whenever and wherever they'd like. With streamlined registration and their Instant Registry feature, creating a complete registry takes only minutes. If friends and family send a gift by cash or check, it's completely free to use the customizable site, though credit card payments include a 2.95 percent fee deducted from the gift amount, plus a 2.95 percent fee $0.99at checkout. You also have the option to give all the credit card fees to the guest, making all gifts 100 percent free for you to receive. From the same settings, you can also choose to have all fees deducted from the gift amount. This makes a gift cost guests $0.99 to provide. It's free to receive your presents by bank transfer, PayPal or a check in the mail. (PayPal or bank transfers typically take two business days or less.) Traveler's Joy also offers extensive honeymoon stories and honeymoon destination guides that are super helpful when looking for the perfect honeymoon destination.


Wanderable helps couples focus on making memories with their loved ones by creating stylish honeymoon registries. The team focuses heavily on registry page design, making the details of your honeymoon an expression of you, through and through. Gifts provided by cash or check are completely free. If your guest uses a credit card, there's a 2.5 percent transaction fee deducted from the gift amount. The gift giver is also charged a 2.5 percent and $0.99 transaction fee on checkout when using a credit card, bringing the fee to a total of five percent. Couples may choose to cover the 2.5 percent fee on behalf of their guests. It's always free to receive your gifts by bank transfer or a check in the mail. (Bank transfers typically take two business days or less.)


Honeyfund's platform can be used for any type of cash gift, from a down payment for a home to a donation to your favorite charity, and, of course, your honeymoon. Couples can link other registries to their Honeyfund page and splurge on an upgrade package for more design template options, photo slideshows, personalized images and more. You make your own travel arrangements while Honeyfund encourages guests to send gifts via cash or check directly to you to avoid all fees, though they can pay by credit card through WePay (2.8 percent plus $0.30 fee) or PayPal (2.8 percent plus $0.30/transaction).*

*Thank you The Knot for the helpful website. 


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