1. What made you starting drawing these amazing pieces?

NYC Danceproject.jpg

Weddings are a joyful milestone -the start of a married life. Recreating a scene from a wedding is an incredible experience . I love live painting/sketching - the interaction with guests , being able to create a piece in the moment has its own  . I derive my energy from everything around me - the music, the people , the ambience - all of which directly translate into my work . 

My clients appreciate art and creativity and like to imbibe as much of it into their wedding day . They are very keen on making sure guests are huge part of their day by creating experiences that'll remember for a long time. Live painting is just one aspect of their wedding day.  Once I got the opportunity to paint live at a wedding , I grabbed it . I knew I would be able to bring something extra special to the couple's big day. 

2. Can you work with physical photos?


I work with photographs all the time . I create artwork of families, couples and more . Sometimes, I am unable to be present at a wedding to paint live . Sometimes, it works best in the client's budget to be able to get a piece commissioned from me , rather than painting live. In such cases, I work from their favorite photographs and create a memorable painting for them . A lot of times, my artworks are gifts from families for their loved ones to commemorate an occasion - which fills my heart with so much joy . 

3. What do you require from the bride and groom for a live painting? 

Reynu Taandon.jpg

Creating a live painting at a wedding is a very special moment for me - and the couple. The couple envisions a certain moment that they'll like to painted . Sometimes, its the ceremony or the first dance or the reception filled with guests enjoying the occasion .  I have phone consultations with my clients to understand what is important to them and what elements of the wedding/reception they would like to see in the final piece. 

I ask many questions to fully understand their vision , so I can do my best to create the scene for them.  I need a physical space where I can paint from and have an clear view of what needs to be captured at the event. I make sure I have a point of contact at the venue on the day of the event with whom I can coordinate since both the bride and groom will be caught up with the day ! 

4. Do you prefer to paint images live?

Tarun Tahiliani.jpg


I do enjoy painting live more than working alone at my desk for a variety of reasons. Painting live is like a performance . I bring a vision to life at the venue . People are always curious and stop to chat about what I do . They enjoy watching the process. I like interacting with people. Painting live gives me a better sense of the event . Every couple is unique and so is every wedding . I can fully understand it at the wedding . I take a lot of reference photographs . I finish a bulk of the painting at the venue . Then I take the painting back to my hotel room / studio at home to finish it up . A lot of my detailing and finishing touches happen using the photographs .  

5. If our brides want you to live multiple events....is that something possible?



Yes, absolutely ! Sometimes brides request to paint live at the wedding and the reception .  A painting that captures the exact moment that is special to a couple is something that my clients cherish .   I make prior arrangements with my brides about setting up for multiple events and painting through the  events. As described earlier , I  take the paintings to finish them up after the event and deliver them to my brides at a later date - typically within a week or so of the events .  

6. Can you create custom bags for either bachelorette parties or even welcome bags? 

Yes and yes . Handpainted custom bags are a great gift for bridesmaids and guests . We see beautiful images of custom bags with printed images or typography . People love the idea of a hand made gift . What better way to thank your bridesmaids and/or your guests with something thats handmade and personalized?

7. We can see you creating amazing pieces on album covers..do you work on multiple types of materials like leather?


Thank you ! I'd love to do album covers someday ! 

I work with all kinds of materials . I've worked on leather, cloth , faux leather, bottles and more.  If its a material that I have not worked with , I will figure out a way to work with it and create art on it . Try me ;-) So, my lovely brides AND grooms , if you have an idea that you'd like artwork for - custom bags, backdrops, live painting, live sketching , wedding invitations , save the dates etc etc etc , get in touch with me and we will figure out a way to make it happen .

8. Do you have a max on custom orders? 


No,  so far , I haven't had an order that I haven't been able to fulfill. My clients understand and value my work , because its custom made . The same applies to custom orders for bags. That means, every single piece is unique.  Clients are usually aware that I need time to create these pieces .  When I see the joy on my clients faces when they finally see the custom orders / paintings , the long hours are totally , totally worth it . 

Check out all of her work here: https://lsartillustrations.com/ 




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