1. What is the key to long lasting bridal makeup? 

We have a special technique we have created but to answer in short – Layering products and using waterproof formulas


2. If you had to have one item a bride must use throughout the day to keep looking fresh what would it be?

It really depends on their skin type. Oily skin – blotting sheets are helpful but I would say having a lipstick would be the one item.


3. What's your favorite item to experiment on brides?  

Lashes. They make a huge difference in pictures. Especially our mink lashes


4. What made you create your own cosmetics line? What did you feel was missing in the market?

In our 12+ years of working in the beauty industry we were constantly delving into countless brands to find the best products to achieve the most flawless long lasting looks on our clients.  But the products were often labeled as stage makeup or felt very thick or heavy.  So we saw a need for a makeup line that was quick to apply, lasted all day, and felt comfortable on. All of our Blush and Glow products were designed with this idea is mind. They are high pigment, high def products made for the professional woman.


5. What do you believe is going to be the biggest makeup trend for 2018? 

Gold Glitter and highlighter! 



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