Weddings are the time when two families become one. It's the time when the air is filled with excitement, happiness, and love. It's the day as a couple you have been looking for all their lives. 

This is the time to put out unique spins on traditional wedding ideas to make it more memorable. We've created a list of cool ideas that you can use when you're planning your wedding.

1. Guest Box Instead of Guest Book



We love this idea of removing the guest book and have a booth where your guests can record their well wishes. 

2. Advice Coasters

This is the easiest way to remove the guest book and have your guests have something to do before the next speech! 

3. Upside down umbrellas 

We love using umbrella's like this instead of traditional lighting or florals. It's extremely quirky and unique! 

4. Polaroid Yourself

We love the idea of your guest's taking polaroid  and hanging them on the wall! 

5. Wedit


Wedit is a fun and interactive way to capture your total wedding experience, from the rehearsal dinner to the brunch afterwards. Your friends and family will help you preserve these memories through creative videography. Our Wedit package includes the rental of 5 HD cameras, shipping both ways and the ability to view, share and download all your pictures and videos for 12 months. We can even edit your footage to create a personal, professional and priceless finished product.

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