The current trend is a lot of brides are starting to use synthetic flowers so they can preserve their bouquet. However, we have a great DIY on how you can preserve a fresh flower bouquet so you have the option to choose between either type of bouquet. 

We love this DIY because its a great way to keep something so sentimental and you can even hang it in your home! Thank you "Women Getting Married" for this wonderful DIY! 

1. Decide how you want to preserve the flowers

There are several options when it comes to preserving your wedding bouquet. You can choose to air dry, press, silica-gel dry, or freeze dry your wedding flowers.

Air drying your flowers is a fairly simply DIY (you can find instructions here), but it won’t maintain the vibrant colors of your wedding bouquet. You can also opt to get them professionally pressed, which will definitely maintain more of the color and shape. Silica gel is another flower preservation method that you can DIY which will do a better job of maintaining the integrity of your wedding flowers. I like thisDIY for preserving your wedding flowers with Silica gel.

The mother of all wedding bouquet preservation techniques is freeze-drying your flowers and placing them in a glass container or frame (like the photo above). But, unless you have the crazy professionalflower freeze-dryer equipment at home, this will have to be professionally done. Read on for how to find the perfect vendor for you…

2. Find a local or online vendor

Start by asking your wedding florist if they are able to preserve your wedding flowers, or if they know of a local vendor who can. If nobody is available locally, each of the links below have been recommended for various types of flower preservation techniques. Keep in mind you’ll want to decide which vendor you’ll want to go with and start the order forms at least two weeks prior to your wedding day.

3. Price each option

Freeze Frame It offers something similar to the photo above for $400, though keep in mind depending on the frame you choose some freeze-driers will charge up to $1200. You can see their pricing options here. They also offer a registry option, which allows you to ask for a freeze dried framed wedding bouquet as a wedding gift. Everlasting Flowers offers pressed wedding bouquet frames from $85-$375. 

4. Skip the bouquet toss!

Once you decide which method of wedding bouquet preservation works for you and your budget, you’ll want to be extra careful with it once your wedding day rolls around. If you plan on preserving your wedding bouquet, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. So, in lieu of using it for the bouquet toss, use a less expensive bouquet of flowers to symbolically throw instead.

5. Plan your timeline

If you’re going on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you’ll want to enlist the help of a parent or bridesmaid/groomsmen to start the preservation process. If you’re going the professional route, you’ll want to get your bouquet shipped out (or dropped off if using a local vendor) within 48 to 72 hours of your wedding for the best results. To make sure you have the freshest flowers for a DIY wedding bouquet preservation or a professional service, you can cut a half inch off the stems and put the bouquet in the fridge until you are able to take the next steps.

If having your wedding flowers professionally preserved, don’t expect to get the bouquet back right away! It can take anywhere from 6-16 weeks and even up to 9 months to receive your preserved flowers. So be patient!

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