Happy Wedding Wednesday ladies! Today, we are excited to share some trends that are not only a must this year, but we just adore them. 

1. Two in one wedding dress: It's all about getting a bang for your buck. We love the idea of a convertible wedding dress because you can wear it from your wedding ceremony to the reception. 

2, Fashion Florals: Who said flowers were only meant for decor? We are starting to see friends opting for painted floral gowns! 

3, Remote Bars: We know sometimes those bar lines can get quite long at your reception. We are starting to see brides and grooms are starting to set up satellite bars that feature special cocktails, spirits, and wine tastings. It will help minimize those lines! 

4. Sweets: Forget the cake people! 2016 is all about changing up the wedding cake game by giving your guests something innovative like donuts, popsicles, or even oreo cakes! 

5. Local Food: It's currently more than just chicken and beef. We are seeing couples seeking local foods like grass-fed beef or wild caught salmon with veggies from a local farm! 


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