Location: Dallas, Texas
Season: Winter

Photographer: MnMfoto
Videographer: Memories Films
Florals/Decor: Decor One
Make-up/Hair: Ms Painted Lady
Lighting: Xquisite Events


When we decided to have a wedding we thought we could manage the show on our own. Since we were one of the first couples to get married, we really had no idea where to start. There were many people who advised us we could plan our wedding by ourselves. However, as we got closer to our wedding I almost had an anxiety attack!  I kept asking myself questions like: 

  • "How do I know the decorations are perfect?"
  • "Is everyone on time?"
  • "Will our guests know where to sit?"

That's when I knew I had to sit down with Jairaj and discuss the idea of getting a wedding planner! We came to a decision that in order for us to have things on time and have the perfect wedding that we will need someone to help us!  We did a bit of shopping around and no one seemed to stand out until we came across Sejal. Right off the bat she was comforting and knew exactly how to advise us.

Over the months working with her it almost seemed like we gained a friendship. The One Event was simply amazing and I cannot say enough how BEYOND AMAZING everything was. Sejal and her team did a FANTASTIC job and we seriously could not have had a better set of coordinators for our wedding! The value I see in having a coordinator is being able to rely on a team to have something done and have that stress off your shoulders. A wedding coordinator makes sure things are in order and it gives you more time to enjoy with your family and friends. This is the best way to worry less and enjoy your wedding, because they are busy organizing the event for you!