5 Ways To Save On Your Wedding

Here are some 5 ways you can be frugal and still have the wedding of your dreams!

  • Cut the Cake-Literally, we mean cut the cake out of your wedding. Wedding cakes can become very expensive, and normally we see a lot of them go to waste. Not to mention, cake is a very old wedding trend. Try something fun like having a dessert table or even having cupcakes!

  • Marry on an “off” Day-We all know it’s easier to get married on a Saturday, but you will save so much more money if you get married on a Friday or especially on a Sunday! We’ve had a variety of clients get married on a Sunday and have a Sunday Brunch as their meal! It’s so fun, innovative, and not traditional!

  • Venue- The times we’ve seen people blow through their budgets is when they use venues that require use of their vendors. Try to find venues that are flexible and allow you to bring in your vendors like caterers!

  • Air BNB- There are tons of amazing Air BNB’s that can not only be a great location for your wedding ceremony, but even house your guests! We’ve seen this done a lot for destinations weddings, but who said you cannot do it locally?! 

  • One Flower- When you pick one flower, then you can get many more flowers at a lower price. The cost of flower arrangements comes not from the flowers themselves, but rather the labor. Therefore, if you have different kinds of flowers then it will take longer to arrange, which basically means it will cost you big bucks. Try to go after larger flowers like hydrangeas because you will need less and they make a huge statement!

Whether your big day is in a year or in 6 months, there are many ways to cut costs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you on your big day. Remember, we are here to make sure your special day is extremely memorable without breaking the bank.

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New Year Resolution Ideas For Engaged, Newlywed, and Married Couples.

You’ve committed your lives to one another, you both are clearly in the long haul! We are giving you some resolutions to keep with one another to keep it exciting and loving as it was when you first tied the knot.

Try these New Years resolutions for engaged, newlywed and married couples to keep you focused on each other, appreciating each other and remembering why you chose to say ‘I Do’ in the first place.

1. Chuck your phone!

Try to do the best you can to keep your phones away when you are spending time with one another. We suggest putting your phone on do not disturb whenever eating together.

2. Games!

Board games should never go out of style! It’s a good way to just spend a night in together and have some competitive fun!

3. Date Nights!

We always think it’s easy to get stuck in a routine so make sure you save time for date night once a week or even once a month. Leave work at work, drop the kids with a baby sitter, dress to impress and get yourselves out of the house!

4. Cook Together!

It’s a fun activity to cook together with something like Blue Apron or SunBasket! It’s a great way to do something together and stay in with a great meal.

5. Get Outside!

We always think it’s great to do activities fitness related together. It’s a good way to stay active together.

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Juhi weds Caleb!

We are so excited to share our wedding in November that took place in McKinney, Texas. It was an elegant yet minimalist . Everything was in the details.

Wedding Venue: La Cour Venue

Cake: A Sweet Life

Hair/Makeup: Ms Painted Lady

Caterer: Chili Pepper Catering

DJ: Outspoken Visions

Floral/Decor: Prashe

Planner: The One Event

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