Today, we are very excited to share with you a new recent find: The Bow Tie Club! The owner started the business in 1994 after working at Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom's and Joseph Bank Clothiers. His wife Corinne designs all the bow ties and she has over 20 years experience in graphic design! 

1.  What are your bow ties made of?

They are all made from the highest quality silks available!

2.   How long would it take to order a set of bow ties?

We have over 400 patterns in stock for tie your own bows and then customers can special order pre-tied, larger neckbands, different size bows with 2-3 week delivery.

3.  Can you create custom bow ties? 

We have over 400 unique bow ties to choose from and we offer them in 48 variations including pre-tied, clip-on, tie your own, longer neck, shorter neck, larger and smaller neck, diamond point, straight edge etc.


We print a full color catalog exclusively for bow ties.  This is the only one in the world that is exclusive to bow ties and we have continuously printed them for the past 20 years.  We don't make custom patterns, but we can make any size bow or neckband to accommodate young children up to the largest neck size!

4. What are your most popular bow ties?

For weddings, our polka dots are really popular.

5.  Can brides provide their outfits for you to make custom bow ties?

We do not match outfits, but can provide swatches of any silk free of charge!

6. Why is the weight so important?

The reason the weight is important is the two-fold. One it allows more dye to be absorbed into the silk creating brighter and more vivid colors. Secondly, the heavier cloth wears better, which is so important in a bow tie since it is close to the neck.

"What makes us unique is that we not only make the bow ties ourselves and design the patterns, but we also have the raw silk custom made into cloth to our specifications.  We sell the highest weight printed silk that we know of.  Hermes ties are made with a 21 momme (unit of measure for silk) weight silk ours is 22 momme!"

Basically, they are a 1 stop shop for all bow tiers no matter what your style or preferences are!

Finally, we are very excited to announce The Bow Tie Club is giving away ONE custom bow tie for one lucky winner. Please, be sure to like, comment, and share this blog post from Facebook to be entered! For an extra entry, then be sure to tweet this giveaway and tag us both! @_TheOneEvent & @bowtieclu

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