How does a Rent The Runway for Indian bridal clothing sound?

Riya Collective is an online rental business giving you access to high-end Indian fashion. We believe that everyone should have access to sharing in other cultures.

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We know that it can be really stressful to buy such expensive wedding outfits. We recently discovered Riya Collective. It’s an online store where you can rent opulent Indian clothes for your wedding. It’s perfect for any bride, groom, and/or your wedding guests.

At Riya Collective, our goal is to make everyone look amazing in their South Asian clothes for each event. If you need help, we can style you for each event. 

Here’s an example of a piece to rent:

They offer a variety of sizes and up to 5 days of renting!

They offer a variety of sizes and up to 5 days of renting!

We also really love how they offer a quiz for those who have never attended a Indian wedding!

Also, they even offer bridal party rental! All you need to do is contact Riya Collection 3 months before your wedding. They will then help ease the stress from the bride by providing her bridal party with their outfits.

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