On any special event, things can go south so we have come up with some must have items to have on hand. It’s important to have a wedding emergency kit for those “just incase” emergencies.


must-haves for your wedding day survival kit:

  1. Water. hydration is key.

  2. Breath Mints. To keep your kiss minty fresh!

  3. Vitamin C Packets. To keep your health in check!

  4. Static Guard. For fly aways or to help remove static from your dress!

  5. Mini Sewing Kit. Well, you never know if you may have a loose button.

  6. Safety Pins. Must have!

  7. Stain Remover Wipes. These items are miracle workers!

  8. Healthy Snacks. We’ve seen many brides who go the whole day without eating so these bars are great to keep your blood sugar in check.

  9. Lavendar Essential Oil. These oils are great to keep you calm!

  10. Drinking Straws. To avoid staining your teeth.

  11. Lint Roller. Obvious!

  12. Antacid Tablets. You never know if your stomach may act up so it’s a good way to keep it in check!

  13. Hairspray. For last minute touchups.

  14. Antibacterial Gel. Great way to keep your hands clean and you can avoid the bathroom.

  15. Body lotion. For those dry elbows!

  16. Pain reliever. Another no brainer.

  17. Deodorant. To keep you smelling fresh all day!

  18. Tissues. To keep those eyes as dry as possible!

  19. Bobby Pins. Fly aways.

  20. Clear Nail Polish. If your nail chips.

  21. Band Aids. One word: Blisters.

  22. Lip Balm. To keep your pout soft and kissable!

*Image from Pinterest


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