I am sure you have heard about wedding couples saving the top tier of their wedding cake, put it in the freezer, and eat it one year later. We are now asking, “is this really a thing?”.


There is a right way to make this act still delicious without the sans freezer burns. Here’s a way to have your cake and eating it one year later as well.


Be sure to tell your baker to make sure the top of the cake isn’t cut into and is boxed right away. Be sure have someone to make sure it get’s home.

Avoid mess and freezer burn.

Once you’re ready to freeze, you’ll want to remove any décor (like sugar flowers) so the cake is clean, unadorned and easier to wrap up.

Be sure then to chill so the icing get hard. That way it won’t stick to the wrapping paper. Be sure to wrap the cake in multiple layers of plastic wrap. Never use aluminum foil at all costs. It causes freezer burn. Then finally wrap it in an airtight bag.

Know the shelf life.

It’s pretty unrealistic to have a cake that taste’s just as good in a year. Most people suggest to not store a cake longer than 6 months. You can eat at 6 months for a special anniversary or even wait it out a year. It won’t make you ill, but it won’t taste as great. Also, you can ask your baker to make a similar cake for your first anniversary.

Now you can always choose a cake that has a longer shelf like if you want to wait the entire year. The more dense and hearty the cake is the longer it will last in the freezer. Cakes with more delicate ingredients will dry out in the freezer faster. Pick your poison cake accordingly.


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