We know planning weddings are never cheap and couples are spending more on their wedding. Whether it’s grand entrances from the groom, wedding outfits, venues, or vendors. A typical Indian wedding has at least four events and requires 15 to 20 vendors and can cost on average around $200,000. By comparison, an average American wedding normally consists of a ceremony and reception requiring four to seven vendors for around $29,000.

Indian wedding ceremonies vary, and the rising number of mixed marriages has led to fusion ceremonies. However, a typical (if there is such a thing) Indian wedding in the U.S. usually includes four events. During the ladies sangeet, female relatives sing to the bride. Then the bride is decorated with henna during the mehndi ceremony. For the wedding, the groom rides to the venue on a horse or an elephant in a processional called the baraat. For Hindu weddings, vows are said over an open flame. Everything wraps up with a reception.*

While we know it’s part of Indian culture to have such extraordinary weddings, we want to always want to find a way to save money for our couples. Therefore we found the 10 cheapest states to get married!

  1. Arkansas: $19,522

  2. Utah: $20,337

  3. Montana: $20,794

  4. Texas – West Texas: $21,688

  5. Oregon: $21,854

  6. Idaho: $22,018

  7. Arizona – Tucson: $22,175

  8. Iowa: $23,098

  9. Nevada: $23,239

  10. Oklahoma: $23,302

*Quote from Fortune.


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