We've got some really great ideas that you should incorproate in your wedding! These ideas are so fun, practical, or wildly unique that they’re definitely worth sharing.

Number Your RSVPs with a Blacklight

This will help you keep track of them all (especially for guests with terrible handwriting!). Via MyCoinPurse

Have Guests Fill Out Important Dates to Remember

That way you’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary again. Photo by Robyn Navarro Photography

Write Love Notes to Each Other to Open on A Special Anniversary

It will be so special to read what you both wrote on your wedding day. Via Etsy

Give Each Table a Lyric or Song Title

You can use them in lieu of table numbers and/or instruct each table to get up and dance when their table song is played! Photo by Lotus Blossom Photography

Help Guests Keep Their Drinks While Dancing

This will save you money if you’re having a consumption bar AND guests don’t have to worry about having their drinks taken before they’re finished. Via Evermine


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