Our parents do a lot for us and especially if your parents help pay for your wedding then it's really important to thank them for such a big gesture.  

If you love embroidered things then this gift is perfect for you to give your parents! Go with a classic handkerchief (below) decorated with a special message and your wedding date. This is also a terrific gift to give your new mother-in-law.


These personalized platters (below) are pretty adorable. They are modern and meaningful. Plus, they give both of you the opportunity to express your sentiments to each set of parents.


If your dad is Mr. Handyman, have a hammer personalized for him (below). 


Thank you gifts can also be tailored to each couple's wedding.   Find a specific detail and buy an art print (below) that hints at your wedding, but not so much that it can't be displayed for many years after the happy occasion.


Give the dads matching money clips with the coordinates to your wedding venue (below).


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