1. One-Stop-Shop: We love all inclusive weddings because they are mean't to provide you all the items you need on one resort. All inclusive packages also offer a variety of deals that you can tailor. So you can find the perfect one for you.

2. One Price: We know staying within your budget is very important. All inclusive wedding packages are perfect because you can literally avoid having to pay individual vendors and just pay one lump sum for everything. 

3. Easy Payment Plan: Most of the time all inclusive wedding packages include all taxes, catering service charges, delivery fees, setup fees, and labor.  Therefore, there are no surprises. 

4.  Exclusive Availability: The great thing about doing an all inclusive wedding on a resort is they will prioritize your wedding. They will have enough staff to take care of you and your guests even if there is another wedding then. 

5. Decisions Made Easy: If you want all of your decisions to be made all at once then an all inclusive wedding is perfect for you. The key thing here is you have to be okay with the vendors they will provide you! 

It is our top priority to provide you with first-class service in anticipating and fulfilling your needs. Planning your special occasion can be the most exciting time of your life. We at The One Event refuse to believe that any event planning is a stressful experience.  With us, you get to enjoy all the pleasurable aspects of planning your event, while avoiding all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work. Release yourself from tension and worries and allow us to take you to a new height, by joining together to make the perfect vision of your event become a true reality, stress-free style!


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