Happy Tuesday! Today, we are sharing some great ways to make some kid's table at your wedding! 

1. Let kids decorate. Lay out some cookies and cupcakes for them to decorate. Image: Hello Noami


2. Have games and goodie basket available for the kids! Lay out individual goodie bags for them. Fill the bags with the bride and grooms favorite candy and small toys, and the kids can have a piece of your wedding for themselves. Image: Buzzfeed

3. Put out some butcher paper and crayons so they can color! Image: {Dimples and Tangles

4. Try to have some foods that appeal to them. Fun finger foods are always a hit. Image: Brides

5. Have a scavenger hunt for the kids and they can document it with a camera. Image: The Knot

6. Centerpieces are great! Fill the boxes with board games, coloring books, etc. Image: The Knot

7. Include a wedding activity book. You can make your own or use a free printable DIY, like this one from Lovely Indeed. Image: {Lovely Indeed

8. Include the kids with a champagne toast. Service milk and cookies so they can toast with you! Image: Plan It Event Design


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