It's so easy to get wrapped up in the traditional expectation's whenever planning your wedding. Items can consist of three course plated meals, a wedding tower, passed appetizers, etc. However, do not forget this is your special day! If you are feeling your wedding doesn't reflect your taste- then this blog is perfect for you. 

There's nothing wrong with bending the rules! Love cookies, but hate cupcakes? Do you love chicken and not pasta? That's not problem! Check out how you can incorporate non-traditional items in your wedding with these items! 

Sushi Station: Do we need to say anything more? 

Photography: Christian Oth Studios

Potato Station:: Skip the tradition appetizers and give everyone what they love! Salty snacks! 


Pizza Station: Forget those plated dinners! Have a variety of pizza out and let cocktail hour never end! 


Popcorn Station: You can have items from sweet to savory! Let your guest's mix and match. It's perfect with a glass of champagne 

S'Mores Station:  If you are going to have a beach wedding then you can have a fire  pit! It's a great way to have your guest's converse and make some s'mores! 

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