Today, we are sharing a really special company with you: Two Step Sari! 

1. What is the two step sari?  

The Two-Step Sari is a modern twist to a classic piece of South Asian fashion culture that I am hoping to preserve. The Two-Step Sari is a sari that wears like a skirt, with the petticoat built in, as well as the pleats stitched into the skirt. What makes it different, is that the waistband has hidden elastic panels that allow you to breathe, move and dance without the typical tightness of a petticoat digging into your waist. 


2. What made you create this company?

It was actually a bit of an accident. I was taking sewing lessons and creating prototypes for maternity saris for my other brand, Janam Maternity, but didn't like the outcome as a maternity product, but thought it could be applied to a wider audience. After a few more versions, I was able to finalize the Two-Step Sari prototype and it has been a hit with so many women, young and not as young :) 

3. Who is this perfect for? 

It's perfect for anyone who wants to be comfortable while wearing a sari and anyone who wants to be able to put on a sari quickly! It would make a great option for bridesmaids because they can get ready quicker and focus on more important things on the day of the wedding. For example, ensuring the bride is taken care of. 

Many people mistake this product as being for "young girls" who don't know how to wear a sari, but I've given a few to my mom to wear for puja's and events where she is required to sit down for an extended period of time in a sari, and she loved it and commented that it didn't even feel like she had been wearing a sari for hours. Essentially, the Two-Step Sari is for anyone who would like an easy to wear sari that is also comfortable, and versatile in its styling capabilities. I am aware that there are pre-stitched saris on the market, but I found that the ones that I have seen were always missing a few things that made them pretty useless.  Many of my friends and family had invested in having their saris converted to pre-stitched saris for a low price (between $15 and $25), but admitted that they never wore it after they had it converted because it looked weird and wasn't very flattering. 

4. Can you create custom designs?

Yes! Any of our saris on the site can be made in a variety of colors. Since each of the designer saris is custom made, they take longer, but we also offer a solid chiffon. The plum-colored sari that Sejal, Founder of The One Event, so elegantly modeled for us, was so versatile and we were able to style it with at least five different blouses. We are also working to get a more affordable bridesmaids sari available for sale by Spring 2018, but we are currently taking custom orders. 

5. Can someone provide you their own fabric? 

If a client is local (in Dallas), I am happy set up a free consultation with clients to see if their purchased saris are fit to be converted into Two-Step Saris, but it really depends on the sari and the size/height of the person. I have found that many readymade saris do not provide enough fabric to accomplish my goals.  

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