Here are some great items you should register. They include some basics and beyond for building a home together.

Nepresso: If you're trying to cut corners because the wedding took over your year's budget, nix Starbucks and pick up this Nespresso. It's even equipped with a milk frother, so you can make some lattes! 

nespresso (1).jpg

DSLR: Who said you cannot register for a wonder camera? It will allow you to to capture your future together together beautifully. 



Juicer: Join in on all of the juice craze and this juicer has some unique features. This juicer actually runs on 1,000 watts with two speeds (13K RPM or 6.5K RPM), which allows for juicing both hard and soft ingredients (hello apples and bananas!). You're basically getting a commercial-grade juicer at a home-juicer price. 


Couples Cooking Class: Buy a gift that helps you go on more date nights after the wedding. 

Amazon Echo: This probably seem's like a no brainer, but the echo can help with daily task's all the way to ordering daily items from Amazon. 


Turntable: If you have a soft spot for music then you should register this item! It will add a retro vibe to your living room. 


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