Have you chosen your bridesmaids? Well, it's now to ask them "Will you be my bridesmaid?". This is the time to show your girls how much they mean to you and how much you want them to be included on your big day. We've got 10 great ways to ask them! 

Who needs diamonds when you can have candy? Pop the question to your maids with a ring pop!

Let them eat cake!

Give them something to wear on the big day!

Message in a egg! 

Make a crossword that shares clues about your friendship! Order a puzzle here.

Who doesn't love a good pashmina?! The words can create a cool pattern, but when unfolded it will reveal your quesiton. Order the pashminas here.

Give your bridesmaids a box full of items they can use on your wedding day like handkerchief. Plus add sentimental photos and trinkets documenting your friendship.

Give your girls a scratch off card that is seriously too cute for words! Or you can even reveal a personal message!

These hand painted, hand lettered boxes are the perfect keepsake to pop the big question! "White dress, lace and pearls, but I can't do it without my girls" With your choice of pearl item (simple stacker ring* or personalized necklace) to surprise your friend, she's sure to say yes! Need them for your whole wedding party?


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