Happy wedding Wednesday everyone!  The seasons are changing and it's our favorite time of the year! The wedding industry loves to use this time to incorporate so fun new wedding details at your wedding. 

Here are 5 wedding details that we believe you need before the year is over! 

1. Tell a story with table numbers: Use your table numbers to describe your love story! 

2. Selfie Station: Allow your guests to take a polaroid selfie for you to keep after the wedding! 

3. Save Paper: Don't print your menu's and just use a stand! 

4. Kids Station: It never hurts to have a coloring book to keep the kiddos busy! 

5. Sendoff: There's nothing we love more than a great sendoff. Grab some sparklers and tell your photographer about the sendoff. It's all about timing with the sunset! 

All photos from bridal guide! 

All photos from bridal guide! 


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