In the final weeks, and then days, until your wedding day, it's all about getting everything done. But figuring out the logistics and last-minute details can be stressful. Here are some last minute to do's every bride must do!

1. Break in your wedding shoes!

2. Pay your vendors!

3. Finalize your guest count! 

4. If you are changing your name then be sure to do this before you go on your honeymoon! 

5. Dress fitting- Have a fitting 5 days before the wedding! 

6. Tips- Be sure to have your cash tips for your vendors ready to go so you just have to hand it to them on the day off! 

7. Welcome Bags- Give the task of giving your welcome bags to a bridesmaid! 

8. Feed your bridal party-Be sure to have food catered to your room so you don't have hangry bridesmaids! 

9.  Massage- Schedule a massage the day before so you an relax those wedding day gitters! 

10. Nails- Schedule your nails 3 days before so you avoid scratching them! 

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