Happy Tuesday!

Today, we are discussing a variety of items you must register for! We know there can be a variety of items you believe you need, but after we talked with a variety of our former brides here's what you must register for! 

1. Sheets-This is one item you will use daily and there's nothing more irritating other than having to wash your sheets once a week! 

2. Luggage-The shelf life of luggage can be quite short, especially if you travel a lot. A great luggage set is truly timeless.

3. Daily-Serving Plate Set-We know having a nice China set is great, but it's not ideal for daily use. Therefore, just register for a basic plate set that is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

4. Tools-Things will break down in your home or apartment so register for some great power tools. It will be something that will last you a long time! 

5. Knives-Here's another kitchen item you will use on a daily basis so be sure you register for a high quality set. 

6. Vacuum-You would be so surprised how expensive vacuums can truly be. This is one item a variety of people can chip in for.

7. Travel Gift Cards: Whether you are traveling soon or later, travel gift cards will come in handy! 

8. Nespresso: There's no better coffee machine to register for! We've had a variety of brides tell us they wished they registered for this kitchen appliance. 

9. Items For Hobbies: Every couple has a different hobby so be sure to register items based on your hobbies!

10. Towels: Specifically, you need to get the Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Bath Towels! "The Pottery Barn towel absorbed five times its weight in water in our tests but became 87% dry after six hours — they’re as quick to dry as the cheapest, thinnest towels we tested."-BuzzFeed. 


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