Happy Tuesday! We have spoken with a variety of our former brides and they are sharing some items they wished they took on their honeymoon along with some items they knew to bring! 

1.  A durable, rollable suitcase: a must. Bonus points if it has four wheels. And though they don’t usually come cheap, if you travel often, I promise you won’t regret the investment.

2. Cashmere Travel Set: This isn't a must, but we've been told it really helps you lock in that beauty rest! 

3. Camera: This is the time to invest in a great camera. These pictures will be with you forever! 

5. Duffle Bag: This is a great way to keep items like toothbrushes, face masks, and even socks at an easy reach.

6. Cashmere Wrap: We know how cold those planes can get so be sure to bring a cozy wrap! 

7. Headphones: This is a great way to help ensure you drown out all those travel noises. 

8. Ballet Flats: Make security easy on you! 

9. iPad: This is going to be your best friend especially for those long flights! 

10. Head Pillow: This item is a no brainer! 


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