The morning of the wedding is one moment that should be treasured. One of our favorite trends is the gift exchange. The gift exchange is a great moment for the couple to show how they are thinking about one another. It doesn't have to be an extravagant gift. There are a variety of ways to show your future partner how much they mean to you!  Here are 10 ideas that we love! 

Let me know how much you care for him with a personalized tag. 

We all know tears can be on the way so give a personalized hankie! 

Give her a scent so she can remember it forever! 

Give your partner vino the mark all of the big milestones.

Give him personalized cufflinks! 

Keep a journal from when you got engaged documenting your thoughts and feelings on the lead up to the Big Day!

You have worked so hard to make those details at the wedding so give her a memory box full of those details. Also, grab the newspaper from that day too!

Give them a journal of all the reasons why they want to marry you! 

Write a note on her sole 

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