We love dessert bars, but it's time to change them up a little. Dessert bars are the best accessory to your wedding cake. Here are 8 dessert ideas that are perfect for any wedding. 

1. Ice Cream-Perfect for any indoor wedding!

2. Waffle Bar-If you like breakfast for dinner then here's the perfect bar for you! 

3. Pie Bar-This is perfect for any fall wedding and you can stack them next to the cake! 

4. Candy Bar- Bring your favorite candies from your childhood for your guests!

5.  Popcorn Bar-Fill vases with sweet or savory popcorns and leave bags so your guests can take them home! 

6. Black and White- Who doesn't love Oreos? This bar would be perfect for the minimalist bride!

7. S'mores-Have your guests roast their s'mores over a fire and let that add to your reception decor! 

8. Cookies- pick some of your favorites and stack them into bowls or even place them on top of cake stand! 

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