1. What made you get into draping sari's for women?

Photography: William Bichara 

I grew up admiring my mother wearing a sari and as soon as she taught me how to drape one on myself, I took the opportunity to do it for my friends as well.  Draped2Nines simply came about because I was draping friends and their bridesmaids for weddings and a vendor in the Dallas wedding industry indicated she had clients who frequently asked for this service with no one to refer them to.  With the first client referred to me, I discovered that I wanted to continue working with women to make them feel beautiful on their most important days.  Since then, it's been a great adventure and I've met so many women from different subcultures of India.  I want to continue to help keep the art of sari draping alive in the Western hemisphere.

Please take a look at the article that I wrote the art of sari draping for the modern Indian woman.    http://www.malayalimag.com/articles/13-29/ 

2. Do different saree's take more time to drape than others? If yes, what kinds?

Photography: Edmonson Photography

Photography: Edmonson Photography

Photography: Joe Cogliandro Photography

A silk saree, such as a South Indian Kanchipuram sari can take more effort to drape due to it's weight and simply because sometimes the silk is not easily creased due to the threads used.  Some sarees are hold the crease with just a touch of the finger and some need a firm ironing to keep the pleats neat.  Heavier, thicker sarees take more pins and more force to get the pins secured all while making sure the bride feels comfortable - this more attention and therefore more time.   

3. We have so many brides who have extremely heavy outfits. Is there a way to help minimize this weight with your draping?

Photography: Jerdan Photography

Yes!  I actually love the challenge of taming a heavy bridal sari.  My goal is to make the sari feel weightless for the bride, whether it ends up on her shoulder, her arm or pinned in her hair!  This is why professional sari draping skills are invaluable - there are tricks and skills in my tool box that comes from training as well as experience. 

4. Do you offer package deals for bigger parties?

Photography: Joe Cogliandro Photography 

Photography: Joe Cogliandro Photography 

My pricing has been thought out to make sure that it is affordable for the client an I have not felt a need to make a change to it for the past few years. I do work with brides depending on their specific situations to make sure that they are receiving the best value. When time is short for a larger party, I bring an assistant draper to make sure that there are more hands onboard without an additional fee. At the end of the day, my goal is for each bride to feel that DRAPED2NINES has gone above and beyond what they've expected for their big day.


5. What is your advice to any future brides when it comes to draping?

There is no question that hair & make up should be done professionally for special occasions, so why wouldn't you do the same with the remaining 90% of your wedding day look by hiring a professional sari draper and stylist?!  If you've spent any amount of time, money and travel in choosing the most beautiful bridal sari, bridesmaid sarees and mothers sarees for your wedding day, leave the draping of that sari to DRAPED2NINES.  Skilled draping will make a less expensive sari shine where as an expensive sari that is not draped well can lose it's aesthetic value.  Let DRAPED2NINES drape you for your unique style and shape!

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