We are excited to share with you another amazing vendor from Houston, Mir Anwar Studios! We have a little Q&A with the talented photographer so you can understand his work a bit better. 

1. What Style(s) do you specialize in?

I'm into direction quite a bit when it comes to Wedding Photography which entails styled shoots and elaborate pre wedding shoots.

2. How would you describe your photography style?

I feel every Photographer has a different style of approaching their subject. Depending on the nature of the shoot, I'm very much into pre planning, scouting locations, coming up with a game plan prior too. At times minor moments happen at weddings which are unexpected and I love those because they challenge me to think outside the box on the spot. I love capturing a lot of emotion and reaction shots through out an assignment.

3. What's your advice for any bride and groom if they are nervous in front of the camera?

With most of my couples, I really try to break the ice from the get go. I try a few different things; initially I give them a briefing about being in front of the camera and working with me. I'll push them completely out of their element as they aren't use to posing on the daily basis (selfies don't count). Moving forward if I feel that I've knocked out some decent shots, I'm not shy to show them what they look like on camera and instill confidence in them. Giving them a little sneak peak doesn't hurt but always helps :)

4. Do you prefer to shoot at certain time in the day especially for portraits?

When it comes to portraits, I think mostly everyone chooses natural light over the indoors. I feel that portraits being a very important part of the complete set of photographs, outdoor portraits are crucial. There are times that I'll spot an indoor location with the perfect amount of light, shadows or flare that I make sure to grab the couple and pose them in that set up.

5. Finally, when should a bride look into booking a photographer for her wedding? 

I think its safe to say that all of us Photographers like being booked out months or years in advance. It always better to pan out the coming year in advance, especially big weekends for us catering to South Asian weddings. On average I think 7-9 months is a safe timeframe to lock down your Photo + Video vendors. That gives them enough time to meet and possibly do an Engagement or Styled shoot prior to the Wedding which also helps them with getting to know the vendor.


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