Today, we are extremely excited to share our latest bride's love story and tips! 

1. Rima, how did you meet your husband?

I met Jairaj about 10 years ago through my best friend Fariya, who was quite adamant for us to date.  At the time we both found interest in one another, but chose to go our separate ways.  It wasn't until 6 years later Jairaj texted me out of the blue and we rekindled our friendship. We quickly saw how much we had in common from sharing the same values and enjoying watching sports every weekend. His heart of gold really melted me, and anyone who meets Jairaj can agree how wonderful he really is! He was perfect to me in every way and at that moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. 

2. How did he propose?

It was on a Monday and we all know how dreadful Monday's can be! I was so hell bent on not going to this fancy dinner he had planned in downtown, but with enough convincing he had me out the door. After dinner, we were strolling in circles around the restaurant and I could not understand why he was making me walk so much around the same building.

I finally got so frustrated with him and his simple response was, "wait I can't find which way I parked the car!". Then from around the corner this gorgeous princess carriage began to come toward us! I still had no idea he was going to propose at this point! 

The carriage came up to us and he popped the question! We go into the beautifully lit up carriage, which ended up taking us to Klyde Warren Park. We walked around for a bit and he eventually told me to look straight ahead. My entire family and friends were all standing there! It was the perfect proposal because we were surrounded by everyone we love. 

3  What made you choose Dallas as your wedding location?

We both were born and raised in Dallas and love it so it only made sense for us to have it here! 

4. What was the most important item(s) about your wedding?

I would have to say all the elements to make a wedding are extremely important. I couldn't have had such a perfect wedding without my family, friends, coordinators, photographers, decorator, and MY HUSBAND. 

5. What value do you see in having a wedding planner?

When we decided to have a wedding we thought we could manage the show on our own. Since we were one of the first couples to get married, we really had no idea where to start. There were many people who advised us we could plan our wedding by ourselves. However, as we got closer to our wedding I almost had an anxiety attack!  I kept asking myself questions like: 

  • "How do I know the decorations are perfect?"
  • "Is everyone on time?"
  • "Will our guests know where to sit?"

That's when I knew I had to sit down with Jairaj and discuss the idea of getting a wedding planner! We came to a decision that in order for us to have things on time and have the perfect wedding that we will need someone to help us!  We did a bit of shopping around and no one seemed to stand out until we came across Sejal. Right off the bat she was comforting and knew exactly how to advise us.

Over the months working with her it almost seemed like we gained a friendship. The One Event was simply amazing and I cannot say enough how BEYOND AMAZING everything was. Sejal and her team did a FANTASTIC job and we seriously could not have had a better set of coordinators for our wedding! The value I see in having a coordinator is being able to rely on a team to have something done and have that stress off your shoulders. A wedding coordinator makes sure things are in order and it gives you more time to enjoy with your family and friends. This is the best way to worry less and enjoy your wedding, because they are busy organizing the event for you! 

Finally, do you have any advice for our brides to be? 

Brides, in today's world our life is on full speed! We have a million things on our plate as well as planning a wedding. If I had chose not to have The One Event coordinate my events I would definitely not have enjoyed all my events as much as I did. Sejal truly did take a ton of stress off my shoulders before and during the wedding. I received so many compliments on how well it was organized and this really reflects on how well The One Event did.  It is definitely worth having someone help lighten the stress on one of the biggest days of your life. Remember, this day only comes once so enjoy it!

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