Organizing a bridal shower can certainly be a daunting task.  Since the bride is planning every other aspect of the wedding, let this be one thing she doesn't plan! Try to plan a shower that will suit her taste and personality. We’ve pulled together 5 great shower ideas that can suit any bride-to-be!

Vintage Tea Party: We love tea parties because they are so sophisticated and chic. All you have to do is go to your local Goodwill store and stock up on some tea cups. Finally, ask your guests to dress up in their Sunday best. 

Mimosa Bar: We love the idea of mimosa bars because it gets all of your guests involved! We even love the idea of creating a competition out of it. 

Winery: Spending an afternoon at a winery is a great idea for the bride who loves her vino! Many places will have a private area or room you can book in advance. 

Slumber Party: Who said slumber parties are for kids? This is perfect for the bride-to-be who would love chatting all night with her girl friends, watching chick flicks, and playing games!

Bridal Brunch: Who doesn't love brunch? Brunch with the girls is a great way to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. Create some of your favorite breakfast items like a waffle making station to pancake pops! 

All images come from our Pinterest account

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