The perfect wedding is truly all about the details. Whether it's the perfect dress to the delicious dessert bar. And this also includes radiant and glowing skin when you make that trip down the aisle. We all know radiant skin doesn't appear overnight. Therefore, we decided to ask Makeup by Shilpa to share some of her best tips on how to get that glowing skin for your big day! 

1. What are you suggestions for a bride to do to prep her skin before her big day?

Drink plenty of water! When you're dehydrated, it shows in your skin and lips. 

2. Are there certain products you like to use?

Find a good eye cream and moisturizer! I love La Mer products, but they are on the higher end. Kiehl's is a lower cost option, but still great quality. 

3. Should our brides consider getting facials?

Absolutely! However, make sure your first one isn't the week of your wedding. You never know how your skin will react to new products or procedures so test it out a few months prior to your wedding.

4. When should a bride schedule a trial with you?

Brides usually have a better idea of what they will be wearing and what they want to look like closer to their wedding date, so I always say it is best to get your trial done within a month of your big day.

5. Strobbing is all the rage this year. What recommendations do you have to achieve this look? 

"Strobbing" is just a fancier word for highlighting . Make sure to use a good moisturizer so you can achieve that dewy look. You can use a liquid or cream highlighter and apply it to your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, a little on your chin. I set this with a powder highlighter, such as Becca Cosmetics shimmering skin perfector in Champagne Pop.

*All Images provided from Makeup By Shilpa. 

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