Today, we are excited to share some tips from Elegant Affair Southwest! 

1. What is your number one recommendation on how brides can save? Are there additional discounts if our wedding is not in peak season?

Our number one recommendation on how to save is to not choose a peak weekend! As tempting as it is to get married over a 3 day weekend, know that your vendors will be stretched thin. When a bride chooses a non peak weekend, not only are we able to work with her on pricing more, we are also able to give her our undivided attention. 

2. What are you most requested designs? 

Every client is different, and we pride ourselves on customizing our set ups for every brides needs and tastes. You would be surprised how often someone falls in love with a set up and then a bride an hour later isn't impressed. 

Many brides lately have been selecting traditional mandap's. This year especially, considering Pantone's color of the year is very Indian marsala, a traditional deep burgundy has been very popular.

Receptions seem to be where people are more interested in branching out. While Kim Kardashian's wedding inspired flower walls last year, this year that trend has transitioned to a garden theme. Metal work also seems to be growing in popularity. 

3. How far in advance should a bride start planning with you?

6 months to a year depending on how elaborate. That being said, we have had brides call us less than a month beforehand, but that's the exception rather than the norm! 

4. What do you believe is essential for any bride-to-be's decor?

A bride needs to be open minded and willing to accept suggestions. Unfortunately in this Pinterest driven industry, brides come in with boards and boards of ideas, without a budget to match. We are going to work hard to make sure your wedding is beautiful, but you have to trust your designer to create something similar that is within your budget. 

5. How do your packages work for multi-day weddings?

There aren't cookie cutter brides, so why have a cookie cutter wedding? We customize our "packages" per bride. 

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