We know how easy it is to forget all sorts of important items for any flight, but forgetting your neck pillow or headphones for an international flight is nothing short of a disaster!  To prevent this from happening, we've got 10 items everyone should pack for any long flight.

A durable carry on is a must because nothing is worse than having a wheel break when you travel. We are in love with this Ted Baker rose gold carry on. It's durable and fashionable! Once you've made your way through TSA, you've probably touched anything and everything. It's always great to have some hand sanitizer handy.  Once you've boarded the plane and stowed away your luggage, then take your shoes off! Replace your shoes with some comfy socks since you won't need to wear your shoes (except for bathroom runs). Now leave your headphones and neck pillow within reach so you can watch your tv shows with comfort.

Finally, flights can really dehydrate your skin. Be sure to drink lots of water and keep your skin moisturized. We suggest that you use a variety of these products on your flight so you will look refreshed and radiant at the end of the flight.  Typically, these products should include at least one moisturizer, eye mask, and a hydrating face mask.

Do you have any must have products you bring on your long flights? Share them with us!


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