Today, we've got another amazing Friday feature! We are chatting with the talented Braja Mandala

1. What are brides requesting the most whenever they sign on with you? First look sessions, bridal portraits, etc. ?

Brides and grooms to not only want one thing, but rather request a variety of things.  Being a wedding photographer is different than any other type of photography because you have to not only be good at one type of photography, but many different types of photography like photojournalism to portraiture. Brides and grooms want great candids of their family and friends, and not just portraits of themselves. Also, want taking images of their bridal party and detail photos of their decor that they put so much time into planning and designing.  

2. You seem to be creative in so many different mediums. What keeps you inspired?

I am truly happy for each one of my clients who are getting married. I love to see the bride-to-be walk down the aisle and the groom having the time of his life during the baratt.  My clients keep me inspired every day to push my creativity and deliver stunning portraits and unexpected candids.  I often look through the pages of Vogue Magazine and Vanity Fair Magazine, just to name a few, to see what is new and current.  

3. If the bride and groom is nervous, what's the best way to get them more comfortable?

When a couple first comes to me and hires me as their photographer, I stress to them the importance of keeping an open relationship.  I have many brides email me their wedding outfits, their shoes, and flowers for the wedding.  This open communication helps us build a relationship with each other so that on their actual wedding day they feel comfortable with me taking their photos and they don’t feel like I am some stranger capturing their wedding memories.  An open relationship with communication is key so that the couple never has to feel nervous or uncomfortable.  This feeling of friendship with your photographer will translate into your photographs.  The more comfortable you feel around your photographer the better your photographs will be.

4. When's the best time to shoot? 

Of course we can make any environment or lighting situation work and look its best but the best time to take portraits is about 30 minutes before the sunsets. Hands down. When brides and grooms are in that sunset lighting it is so beautiful.  There is a soft glow that happens at this time of day that you can not get at any other time during the day.

5. Finally, what are your favorite moments to shoot? 

Indian weddings are filled with eye candy. But, some of the greatest moments I love to photograph is a ceremony called the vidhai. The best way to describe this ceremony is when the bride officially leaves her home to move onto her new life with her new husband. It’s a moment I feel in my heart and, at times, start to cry myself. I watch her family hug and kiss her and tell her that everything is going to be okay, while the groom’s family is celebrating her becoming a part of their families. The rush of adrenaline is something I can’t explain but it feels amazing and some of the best moments of the day because weddings are all about family.

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