On the morning of your wedding, there is a variety of things you cannot forget to do! Here are 10 items you cannot figure to do on your big day. 

1. Flats and no heels.
Be sure to swap your heels for some comfy flats in the morning. You will be wearing heels all day so give your feet a little comfort. 

2. Charge your phone.
There will be a lot going on so be sure to you give your phone some love so it doesn't die on you! 

3. Don't skip a meal. 
We've seen so many brides not eat in the morning because of all that's going on, but it's the worst thing you can do! We've seen brides get extremely light headed during their ceremony because they didn't eat. Try to start the day with a healthy breakfast that includes oatmeal, coffee, and some fruit! 


4. Make time for your parents. 
It's one of their biggest day so make time for your parents. We've starting to see brides even do a first look photography session with their dads!

5. Designate a 'maid for cleanup duty. 
The room can get extremely messy with everyone coming in and out. Try to have one of your bridesmaids to clean up the room so the photographer doesn't have to. 

6. Music.
Try to have a bridesmaid create a playlist before the big day. It's a great way to set the tone and it may even loosen those wedding day jitters.

7. Wedding Gift.
We tell brides to write their love not to their partner on the day of the wedding. It's a great moment to capture by the photographer. 

8. Makeup bag.
Have your makeup artist create a bag that's easy to do your own touch ups. 

9. Ring clean.
Don't forget to get those jewels cleaned because it will be photographed! 

10. Hydrate.
Staying hydrated will make your skin glow, keep your stomach flat, and prevent you feeling light headed! 


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