The holidays are around the corner and that means there will a lot of parties you will be hosting! A cheese plate is a great appetizer and conversation starter for all of your guests. We know the thought of putting together a cheese board can be a little intimidating. 

Today, we are sharing 5 tips for creating the perfect cheese plate! 

1.  Offer an odd number of cheeses. Typically, 3-5 is a great number. 

2. Get to know your cheesemonger. They will know the best cheeses for your guests. 

3. Choose a variety of cheeses from mild to funky. Be sure to include a hard, blue, cows (soft), goats, and something funky like a fondue. 

4. Be sure to remove all of your cheeses from the fridge and have them sit out for room temperature for at least one hour.

5. Enhance these cheeses with accouterments. Be sure to have a variety of fruits, mustards, sugar, honey, apples, and crispy bread!

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