Happy First Day of October! Today, we are going to share our favorite ways to incorporate the strong and seductive allure of Marsala into 2015 fall wedding color trends! We've been watching how this color trend has been making it's way into the wedding world. Marsala is a robust yet warm and grounding color. 

We are sharing a variety of ways that will inspire you to incorporate this gorgeous color within your wedding this fall!

1. First you can incorporate Marsala's earthy red tone with some neutral tones. We love it when Marsala is mixed with hints of peach, rose golds, and blush tones. Also, add some mint to give it a fresh look! 

2. The next second color inspiration calls on Marsala’s rich and seductive side. We love Marsala incorporated in centerpieces and you can do this by using dark roses, burgundy caspia, and even cranberries!  Another great way to incorporate this gorgeous color is add it to your cake! 




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